Solar Water Heaters

Acute Energy Crisis, High Electricity Bills and Global Warming; Xtal Labz (P) Ltd. offers the renewable energy solutions. Today there are lots of large scale energy projects world-wide, there is also renewable energy solutions suited to rural and remote areas. With Solar technology we can harness the energy from the sun and convert it to eco-friendly source of electricity. Xtal Labz (P) Ltd. is a full-service solution provider of renewable solar energy and high efficiency solar systems to the residential and commercial markets. Whether a Solar Water Heater or a Solar Power Sine Wave Inverter for your business premises, home or apartments, our energy consultants can meet with you to discuss options and make recommendations, as well as provide a free estimate. Our goal is to establish awareness with our corporate and residential customers as to the many benefits of living an energy conscious life style. We strongly believe in doing what is right for the environment, while still making sure the system matches the customer’s lifestyle. We work collaboratively with you from thought to finish. Helping you to assess your situation and design the best system solution for your specific needs. We bring together the knowledge and devotion of our highly skilled, well-educated staff and resources necessary to deliver a system that works for you, on time and on budget.

Solar water heaters are made up of collectors and storage tanks. These systems use the Sun to heat water in collectors generally mounted on a roof. The heated water is then stored in a tank similar to a conventional gas or electric water tank.

The specialties of our Solar Water Heater are:

· Sturdy and Weather Proof Design

· Available in Different Capacities

· Different Capacities Suitable for Home, Hotels, Hospitals etc

· 5 Years Warranty

· Onsite after Sales Service

· Water Heated up to 80oC

· Provided with Unique Digital Temperature Monitor